The return of the pole dancing squirrel

This morning was the second time I’ve seen a squirrel on the balcony this year. I found him (her? it?) snaffling the food from the bird feeders, brazen as you like. Even a withering look from a nearby pigeon didn’t put him off. I’d be angry, but look at his little face…

This picture reminds me of how I feel when I go running- leaning on a lamp post, out of breath.

The aforementioned squirrel/ pigeon stand off. The picture was taken through a (dirty) window so is a bit rubbish.

Squirrel fact of the day:

Squirrels do actually make noises. I only found this out about a week ago when I was woken early in the morning by a weird sound coming from outside the bedroom window. My bird watching instincts/ nosey neighbour tendencies compelled me to look to see what the racket was. It turned out it was a squirrel in the tree outside, making a bizarre noise which can only be described as a kind of ‘squawk’. And here endeth today’s squirrel tutorial.