Entropy and my balcony garden

In the TV programme Wonders of the Universe, Professor Brian Cox demonstrated how entropy works using a sandcastle in the Namib Desert. It’s all about the order of things and how everything eventually descends back into its chaotic natural state (or something- I don’t think my PHD is likely to arrive in the post any time soon). Anyway, this is basically what has happened to my balcony garden. Honestly- just look at the state of it:

The plants are neglected and dried up, there is bird food absolutely everywhere, the pigeons (and a squirrel) have knocked over pots of soil and it’s essentially just a mess. I know it’s nice to let nature take over but this is ridiculous.

So over the next few weeks I’m going to try to get it nice and clean and tidy ready for the Winter. I can then start planning what I’m going to plant in the Spring…