*Blows dust off blog*

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything on here, but our recent purchase of a spangly new DSLR camera has given me a reason to start posting again, as it enables me to take half decent photos despite my lack of skill in the photography department.

We recently went to Dungeness to have a play around with the new camera and to take in one of Kent’s more unusual landscapes. I had high hopes of spotting some birds of prey (perhaps a hobby or marsh harrier) at the RSPB nature reserve there, but, alas, we didn’t see any. We did see lots of other things though, and took lots of pictures. (Unfortunately, some really nice pictures of a great crested grebe and a lovely close up of a blue dragonfly were lost as we had the camera on the wrong setting, but you live and learn.)

While we were there, we also popped into The Pilot, a well-known pub on Dungeness seafront. We weren’t hungry enough for one of their famous fish suppers, but we did snaffle some tasty whitebait which kept us going for our (extremely windy) walk down on the shingle beach.

Caterpillar babies in a bush.

Viper’s bugloss

Dungeness nuclear power station


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